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Life Insurance can be very confusing. Sometimes you realize you may have bought the wrong type of policy for your needs. This may be the cause of a lifestyle change, a financial change, or maybe it was just sold to you by a greedy salesperson. No matter the situation, we will buy your policy, and give you more than the current cash value by up to 15%*. 

We even give your family a remaining death benefit as well. 

Whole life insurance is very expensive, and when you decide you no longer want to make those premiums, in the past, you only had three options. 

> The first was to just let it lapse. This is probably the worst option because you lose all of money you put into the policy.

> The second was to try to and let the dividends self-fund the policy.  Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. Many times the policy just lapses because the dividends could no longer keep up with the escalating costs, causing you to lose all your money once again. 

> The third is to “cash it in” to the company you purchased the policy from. This closes your account with the company. They send you a check for the “cash value” of the policy and cancel your insurance forever. You get the cash and no longer have any death benefit to your family.


We will buy your cash value life insurance for more than the cash value.  We will pay you up to 15% more!  That means if your cash value is currently $20,000, we will give you up to $23,000!  As a bonus, we will also offer your beneficiary a death benefit for as long as we own the policy. 

If you own a “cash value” Life Insurance, and are thinking about “cashing it in” for any reason, isn’t it worth a conversation?

Call us today at 215-774-5066 for a free quote to see if we can get you more money for your policy! 

We Buy Life Insurance!

You will no longer have to pay those huge premiums!

We will buy the policy from you for more than the current cash value and, your family will still have a death benefit!


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